Club b by Real Vision

Your global network of opportunity is here…

Your potential membership is evaluated on your credentials, achievements and commitment to participate, and adhere to the core principles and code of conduct.

The Application Process:

Once your application is received, the information is thoroughly reviewed and vetted, and your single-family office status is verified. Where applicable, member references are checked and verified. 

Applicants are placed on a preliminary ballot for review by members of Club b, and the membership committee investigates any concerns raised about an individual applicant. The preliminary ballot is then sent to the Club b board of directors for voting into membership.

Willingness to Participate:

Club b will only benefit you, and you will only benefit our community if you understand what membership requires and you are willing to actively participate. You must be actively engaged to get the desired results, progress in your journey and enlarge your network.

Don’t forget to explore our Code of Conduct as part of your membership requirements before you complete the application form.

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