Club b by Real Vision

The community survives on trust

Club b has a policy which requires all applicants to present themselves truthfully. Should an applicant submit a false representation of themselves or their business activities, they will be barred from all future involvement. Club b reserves the right to decline membership to any family member or Private Investor that does not meet our qualification criteria.

All members must agree to and adhere to a strict code of conduct around privacy, confidentiality, non-solicitation and cooperation before they will be allowed to join:

Respect fellow members’ privacy – Club b was founded on a high level of trust and an ethos of participation and sharing that has persevered within the group since our founding. Members adhere to a strict code of conduct around privacy and confidentiality.

Pledge to Not Solicit – Members do not solicit other members for investments, products, or services. Members may not promote specific products or services from which they derive financial benefit. Solicitations of any kind are not tolerable. In the case of co-investment opportunities, any financial interest in a deal must be clearly disclosed.

Commitment to Cooperate – Exchanging ideas and experiences in all matters is not only acceptable and encouraged; it is the fuel of our community.

Guarantee Trust – Free exchange of information is based on open communication and trust among members. Each Member will hold in strict confidence information about, and shared by, other members.

Professional Conduct – Members shall always conduct themselves in a professional manner. Members are polite and professional in interacting with all members, speakers and guests.