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Club b was established in 1995 as a forum for family offices to exchange ideas.

Club b is a global membership for single-family office principals and executives. The Club provides members with world-class educational content and a private forum for collaboration within a trusted global peer-to-peer network. Club b’s mission is to help family offices realize their investment, operational and succession goals in a non-commercial, confidential and trusted environment.


Genuine SFOs only. Club b qualifies all members so that only real single-family offices gain entry. Club b members benefit from Club b’s global membership of over 700 families.

Global Peer Network

A network of peers allows members to quickly form trusting relationships and share knowledge and opportunities. Allowing them to collaborate and achieve investment, operational and succession goals.


Club b’s professional educational content is produced independently. Only members are invited to events and given access to the club’s online educational content or the exclusive international conferences.

Investment Insights

Many Club b members have access to select investment and co-investment opportunities and many other members are seeking such opportunities.

The Next Generation

Club b’s network of principals includes all generations. This exclusive network can provide invaluable insights into how to keep families together and make succession work.


Family offices face similar operational issues, such as cyber security, recruitment and retention and accounting & reporting. Members can access the club b network to share problems and find efficient solutions.

Single Family Offices
The family office must be a privately held company with the purpose of exclusively serving the investment management, wealth management, personal and legacy needs of one family. The company’s financial capital must come from one family’s wealth. Family office executives may join if nominated by a Family principal.

Code of Conduct

The community survives on Trust. All members must agree to and adhere to a strict code of conduct around privacy, confidentiality, non-solicitation and cooperation before they will be allowed to join.