The Club b was established in 1995 as a forum for family offices to exchange investment ideas.

The Club b is an innovative idea generator and thought leader in the family office arena, focused intently on providing highly valuable content for family offices to manage their wealth and office successfully, as well as to navigate their greatest challenge – the transition from one generation to the next. ​

For twenty-five years the Club b has been a platform for family offices to meet in a non-commercial, non-profit and private environment. ​

The primary objective of the Club b is to introduce family offices to one another to exchange investment ideas, expand their knowledge through renowned speakers and enlarge their personal network in an informal and collegial setting.

Membership is by referral and invitation-only and is strictly confidential.

''If I give you one dollar and you give me one dollar, each of us will only have one dollar. But if you give me one idea and I give you another idea, we will both have two ideas." 

Sr. Rafael del Pino y Moreno (Club b Madrid November, 2002)