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Club b Premier

A highly curated experience to establish lasting relationships, learn from experts, and enhance your family wealth through unique investment opportunities.

USD $25,000 for two years.

This special launch offer of two year membership for one will be open to the first 50 members.

With Club b Premier, you’ll enjoy:

Network and Learn with Events & Conference Panels

Not only will you have access to register and attend all Club b Essential events across the globe at a 15% discount, but you’ll also get a complimentary registration to four Club b events. 
As a Club b Premier member, you will also receive complimentary passes to intimate and curated networking dinners and cocktail receptions throughout the year for Premiere members-only
In addition, you will have access to all conference event panel discussions via our online video portal, whether you attended the event or not.

Gain an Investing Edge with Real-World Finance Content

Become a more confident investor and understand what matters for you with our smorgasbord of Real Vision All Access shows and reports, including:

Understanding the Building Blocks of Finance

  • Make or Break: This show follows 4 key market drivers that all have the potential to make or break the economy and markets.
  • 3 Ideas: Every week world-class share 3 investment ideas, so that you can get inspired and research them further for your own benefit.
  • The Essential Conversation: Deep-dive discussions on the global macro landscape with the smartest people in markets, finance, economics and business.
  • We Got the Message: A weekly show where experts answer community questions, to offer a two-way communication and get a better understanding of what’s going on.
  • The Idiot & The Expert: Whether you’re new to investing or a seasoned pro, we all have knowledge gaps, especially when markets and economies are moving fast.  This show breaks down complex answers to finance questions.
  • Investor Tutorials: This series helps you better understand critical market and economic concepts, adding value to your decision-making process.
  • The Distillery: A weekly debrief of the most relevant financial analysis.
  • Real Vision Crypto: Everything cryptocurrency related from Bitcoin, Ethereum and the metaverse to Defi, NFTs and the Crypto Ecosystem.


Understanding the Crypto Landscape

  • Real Vision Crypto: Everything cryptocurrency related from Bitcoin, Ethereum and the metaverse to Defi, NFTs and the Crypto Ecosystem. From institutional grade research & reports, to AMA’s with Delphi Digital, flash updates and deep-dive analysis.


Developing your Investment Framework

  • The Real Investing Course: Thousands of hours of insight distilled and delivered to you in less than 10 hours
  • Short Courses: Technical Trading with Dave Floyd, Trading Strategy with Peter Brandt, DeMark Indicators with Tom DeMark, Trading Options with Imran Lakha, and more…
  • Investor Masterclass: A special series where you learn directly from the masters, including Alex Gurevich, Dan McMurtrie, Jerry Parker, Harris Kupperman, and more.
  • The Knitting Show: Pull together the key points and learnings from the latest in markets, helping you separate signal from noise.


Understanding the Global Macro Outlook

  • Macro Insiders: Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden’s global macro intelligence service including in-depth research on global markets, actionable ideas, flash updates and monthly live discussions and chart-packed explainers.

Learn Online, Conveniently from your Office or Home

In addition to in-person events, you will also have access to a variety of live webinars and all recordings, which you can watch at your convenience through our members-only portal.

Listen on the Go with our Finance Podcasts

The great advantage of listening to podcasts is that you can learn while multi-tasking. As a Club b Premier member, you’ll have access to all of Real Vision’s podcasts to use as a great educational tool, including:

  • Daily Briefing: Understand finance and the global economy with in-depth analysis from the experts.
  • My Life in 4 Trades: Maggie Lake gets the brightest minds in finance to open up about remarkable trades – good and bad.
  • Raoul Pal Podcast: From global markets to crypto, Raoul Pal talks to the greatest investors and thinkers in the world.
  • The Next Big Trade: A weekly podcast forecasting future trends in macro and digital markets.
  • Real Vision Crypto: Join the digital revolution conversation as we see how crypto shapes the future of money and markets.


Get the Support You Need with our Curated Resources, Reports, and Newsletters

As a Club b Premier member, you will have access to our toolbox of resources, including white papers, due diligence questionnaires, curated reports and our monthly newsletter, with the latest industry news.

Free up your Precious Time and Leverage the Club b Network

As part of your Club b membership, you will also be able to take advantage of our concierge services, giving you direct access to a personal relationship manager to assist your needs and expedite networking opportunities relationships and exchange ideas and investment thinking. 

Leverage one membership for multiple office members

Your Club b Premier membership is for your entire office, which means anyone from your office can access all our online content, and you are able to rotate office members to participate in various events, rather than just one individual attending multiple events.  This allows you more flexibility and benefits the entire office.

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