Club b by Real Vision

Blowing Up The Blacklist

The Blacklist becomes Club b Premier with new and exciting enhancements for our members.

Quality network.

Investment ideas.

Insight with cutting-edge investors.

Club b is the exclusive global network, consisting of hundreds of innovative investors that have been carefully vetted, founded on 25 years of trusted relationship

You spoke, we listened...

We have decided to integrate Blacklist members into our new exclusive Club b Premier membership.  This change will offer Blacklist members like yourself a wider exclusive community with more access to networking with like-minded individuals and relevant content. 


Our decision to incorporate Blacklist into Club b Premier follows feedback from our Blacklist members about the need for more in-depth and quality discussions and a more satisfying & wider networking experience to build your wealth.

Club b Premier offers you...

Access to hundreds of new individuals and organizations, who want to share wealth management ideas, insight and investment opportunities – without any sales from outsiders.


As a Club b Premier member, you’ll also get access to double the number of events, with 4 complimentary tickets to member-only events and intimate networking dinners and cocktail receptions across the globe and throughout the year.  You will also have access to all the conference event panel discussions (whether you attended or not) via our online portal.

All access level to Real Vision content, including leading expert opinions, educational courses & podcasts, investor masterclasses, reports, actionable ideas for trade portfolios and institutional-grade research.

Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of our concierge service, giving you direct access to a personal relationship manager to assist your needs and expedite networking relationship opportunities.

Club b events, keeping you ahead of the curve...

Inspiring content. Quality conversations. Glamorous locations.


Club b curates a variety of events throughout the year with thoughtful themes, locations and speakers to ensure there is something of value for each member. Our focus for Premier members is to keep Premier-only events small and intimate to facilitate quality conversations. Our experts and topics will go beyond investing, asset allocation or family office concerns to incorporate leading industry experts across many different themes to ensure our Premier members can learn about a wide-range of intelligent ideas.  As a Premier member, you will of course also have access to the larger Club b network and conference-style events more focused on investing and asset allocation.  This gives our Premier members the best of both worlds from both a networking and learning perspective.



These events have covered everything from:

  • Investment opportunities in Start-ups and Venture Capital
  • Leading in the digital age from boardroom to battlefield with a retired Major-General
  • Innovation in AI 
  • Crossing Borders: US and China venture capital and technology markets
  • Asset allocation, the metaverse and emerging markets
  • Sustainable energy, ESG and tech investing
  • Real Estate investment opportunities
  • Biotech,psychedelics, blockchain, regulation and many more diverse topics

Not only are our events educational and insightful, but we ensure that the intangible value of networking opportunities, referrals and introductions are at the forefront of every occasion we curate.

We offer events across the globe in luxurious locations, from Marbella to Monaco and Miami to Montreal.

What to expect this year...

Access to hundreds of new individuals and organizations, who want to share wealth management ideas, insight and investment opportunities – without any hard sales from outsiders.


As a Club b Premier member, you’ll also get access to more events, with 4 complimentary tickets to member-only events and intimate networking dinners and cocktail receptions across the globe and throughout the year.  You will also have access to all the conference event panel discussions (whether you attended or not) via our online portal.


Topics range from asset allocation, investing and opportunities, and leadership.


Locations span the globe at luxury hotels, with one-of-a-kind experiences.





Don't just take our word for it...

“The power present in this room amazes me. Some of the smartest investors and allocators are here. That collective wisdom makes a huge difference.”  Club b

Our special offer for you...

As an elite member of a prestigious global network, with access to curated and exclusive events, renowned speakers and expensive research, and most importantly the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals, your new Club b Premier membership will offer you more events, more relationship building and ultimately more opportunities for wealth growth.


As a current Blacklist member, we’d like to offer you a special Club b Premier offer of $25,000 for 2 years instead of the usual 1 year membership. 


This offer is open to the first 50 members to take up Club b Premier.


How do you take advantage of this offer? 

In order to switch over and secure your Club b Premier membership, please contact us directly on: and a member of our concierge team will be able to assist with your transition and new membership login details.


What happens to your current Blacklist membership and money paid?

Payments will be applied to your new Club b Premier membership, and any remaining time you have on your membership will be put towards your Club b Premier membership until your current membership expires. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any refunds.  If you have any questions, please contact our concierge service at


Got questions?

What’s included in Club b Premier that wasn’t in the Blacklist?

  • A much larger network individuals and organizations with which to connect, share ideas and discuss investment opportunities.
  • More events with a mix of Club b member-only events, exclusive Premier member-only events and a selection of intimate dinners and cocktail receptions.
  • More opportunity to learn from leaders in the industry, across different sectors, with highly curated speakers and educational content.
  • A personal relationship manager to help facilitate introductions and nurture networking relationships.


How much does membership cost?

$25,000 for 1 year membership. However, you are eligible for two years for the price of one. This special 50% discount of $25,000 for 2 years is only available to the first 50 members to sign up to Club b Premier.


How many complimentary events, both in-person and online, do I get with my Club b Premier membership?

You get 4 complimentary in-person tickets to any of our events per year.  This gives you the flexibility to choose the most valuable events for you and your team, and of course, which fit your schedule.  We’ll do our best to ensure that all speakers and panels from the events are also available to view online, post the event, which you’ll be able to access via our members portal.

It is worth noting that as we encourage our speakers to be very frank and direct in their discussions, not all of them want to be recorded, however we will encourage them to do so for your online access viewing.  


What if I want more than the 4 complimentary event tickets per year? Is there a fee? 

Yes, you get 4 in-person event tickets for free, but you are more than welcome to attend additional in-person events that catch your eye and pay the additional registration fee. The attendance fee is usually $2,900 per event, and as a Club b Premier member, you’ll receive a 15% discount, making the price $2465 for you.


How does accommodation work for Club b events?  Is this included in the ticket or would I have to secure this separately?

We always reserve rooms at our top-quality venues, so our members can conveniently book their own accommodation.  Club b does not cover the cost of accommodation to our events. In terms of room pricing, this depends on your preferences, but typically a standard room averages $300/night.  Food and beverage during the event sessions and networking is included with your complimentary ticket.


Are our events going to be completely different?

It’s important to note that the Club b Premier events will be very similar to the Blacklist events. They will be intimate and feature great networking, but we will improve on the content and thought-leading speakers.


What is a regular Club b event like?

The regular Club b events will be larger, with 50-150 members depending on the subject and location. That is where you can really expand your network. Some of the events cover family office issues, but most focus on investing and investing opportunities. As the agendas are built, we can walk through them to see which events fit you best.


How do you decide who speaks at the events and what subjects are covered?

We also ask members like you what you want to hear about and from whom you want to hear it. Our events are catered around the members and what the members want and need.


What are Club b members like?

Club b members are principles and executives of family offices and range from people just starting to establish themselves to those who are part of a legacy. All share ideas, experiences, and opportunities.


Do I still get access to all Real Vision content tiers, at no extra cost?

Yes, you maintain full access to all Real Vision’s content across the different tiers. You can now view this content through our Club b members portal or continue to access the content through the Real Vision site. 

In addition to the events & Real Vision content, you’ll also have access to multiple additional benefits, including:

  • A brand-new large networking group
  • Direct access to a relationship manager who can facilitate introductions
  • Webinars, workshops and written reports


What happens with my current Blacklist membership and payment if I decide to convert to Club b Premier 2-year membership?

To take advantage of the special 2-year deal, you will have to be one of the first 50 people to sign up.  At this point, almost half those slots have been taken already, with many more in the final decision-making stage.  If you sign up in time, you will pay $25,000 for Club b now and get 2 years of membership PLUS all the time you have left on your Blacklist membership.


What happens to my Blacklist membership if I decide not to convert to Club b Premier? 

The Blacklist will no longer exist, so there will be no more Blacklist events to attend for the remainder of your membership period. We now have Club b Premier member-only events.  Instead, you will automatically be transferred to a Club b Premier membership and have access to all that Club b Premier has to offer until your current membership expires.

At that point, you can renew your Club b Premier membership for another year at $25,000, however, you will miss out of the 50% saving of our current ‘two years for the price of one’ deal, which is a saving of $25,000. 


If you still have a question for us about your membership and Club b Premier, please email us at: and our team will be on hand to assist you. Or if you prefer to discuss your options and walk through the upgrade, please feel free to reach out directly to our SVP of Club b, Andrew Borowiec.  You can schedule time in his calendar here.