Club b by Real Vision

What's Changed?

Our new Club b membership is here.  Until now, your membership was limited to a handful of in-person events.  However, we’ve now added more value to your club membership, based on our members’ feedback.

Not only will you still have access to like-minded peers and experts via our in-person events (and we’re adding more global events for 2023), but you’ll now have access to a members-only website with weekly updated videos, written reports, webinars, academy courses, templates and podcasts across the finance spectrum from family office operations to macro analysis.

The idea is to support our members between our events with valuable content and resources to optimize your family office operations and growth. 

We have curated our content offering by specific membership tiers, from our free tier for current Club b members, our mid-tier for a dip into our content, to our top tier for all-access to the site and content.

Our financial video and research content, from Real Vision, is housed in our TV room and includes:

  • Leading expert opinions, actionable investment ideas and deep-dive investing strategy
  • Educational courses & investor masterclasses from highly regarded industry experts and traders
  • Macro Insiders global macro institutional-grade research, updates and investment ideas.


Plus, in our Audio Booth, we have a variety of podcasts from investor insights to the global macro landscape.

In addition to the Real Vision financial content and academy courses – you will also have access to:

  • The Library – containing multiple resources and tools, including due diligence templates, checklists and questionnaires, to help you with your business operations and investing.
  • The Conference Theater – showcasing panel recordings from some of our Club b events and webinars
  • Our Newsroom – for the latest monthly news from Club b

Club b Memberships

Club b Legacy

Free - for current Club b members only

  • Ability to attend all regular Club b events
  • Access to all conference panel videos in our Conference Theater online
  • Live webinars and recordings online

Club b Essential

$2,900 / year (Launch Offer)

  • One complimentary Club b event pass
  • Ability to attend all regular Club b events
  • All Real Vision Essential Content
  • Access to all conference panel videos in our Conference Theater online
  • Live webinars and recordings online
  • Access to all our finance podcasts 

Club b Premier

$25,000 for 2 years (Launch Offer)

  • Membership for the entire office personnel
  • A complimentary pass to two Club b Premier-only events
  • A complimentary pass to two Club b events
  • 15% discount on registration to additional Club b event passes
  • All-access to Real Vision macro content, academy courses, masterclasses & actionable trade ideas
  • Specially curated reports and institutional-grade research
  • Access to all conference panel videos in our Conference Theater online
  • Live webinars and recordings online
  • Access to all our finance podcasts 
  • Library of resources and tools for operational success
  • Personal relationship concierge service

What type of content?

Raoul Pal, CEO & Co-founder of Real Vision explains how to benefit from Real Vision content:

Club b members will now have access to Real Vision content depending on your membership tier, including:

  • Actionable investment ideas & investing strategy
  • Investor trading masterclasses 
  • Global macro institutional-grade research
  • A variety of finance podcasts 

What type of events?

Club b curates a variety of events throughout the year with thoughtful themes, locations and speakers to ensure there is something of value for each member. As a Club b member, you’ll have access to a fully committed network and team to facilitate practical education, thought-provoking conversations and first-class relationship building.

These events will cover everything from:

  • Investment opportunities in Start-ups and Venture Capital
  • Leading in the digital age from boardroom to battlefield with a retired Major-General
  • Innovation in AI 
  • Family Office Operations, Governance and Generational transition
  • Crossing Borders: US and China venture capital and technology markets
  • Asset allocation, the metaverse and emerging markets
  • Sustainable energy, ESG and tech investing
  • Real Estate investment opportunities
  • Investor Mindset & Stress Management
  • Biotech,psychedelics, blockchain, regulation and many more diverse topics


Not only are our events educational and insightful, but we ensure that the intangible value of networking opportunities, referrals and introductions are at the forefront of every occasion we curate.


With any change comes questions, and we’ve collated some of the most common questions from members like you.  

If you are a current Club b member (before January 2023), you will continue to be a free Legacy member with Club b.  You will need to register to access the new member site, but this is at no cost to you.  You can register here.  

If you would like to upgrade to Essential or Premier and enjoy more content, resources and complimentary event passes, or access for your entire family office personnel – simply get in touch with us at and we can discuss what suits your needs best.  

Yes, we are currently running a 30-day free trial for all-access to our top-tier Premier membership – if you have signed up to our new Club b members’ site (at whatever membership level), you’ll automatically be upgraded from March 20th – April 20th, 2023 to experience all Club b has to offer.  After the trial period is finished, you’ll return to your current membership level, or you’ll have the chance to upgrade your membership if you prefer.  Look out for emails during the trial period to help you navigate and get the most out of this trial membership opportunity.

If you are not currently registered on our website at any Club b membership level, you will not have access to our website or event calendar and will miss out on the opportunity to network and enjoy the many financial resources and content we have available to you.  If you have already registered, and are happy with your current membership level you don’t need to do anything. If you would like to upgrade your membership at anytime, simply contact our concierge team at, who can assist you.

As a Legacy free member or an Essential member, your membership is just for you – the individual member.  However, our Premier membership allows access to our content and resources for the entire family office personnel, as well as the ability to share complimentary event passes.

Fundamentally, the difference is in the access level to our content and resources and number of complimentary event passes.  Premier gives you all-access to our video content as well as institutional-grade research, plus a library of tools and templates for your family office operations. Premier allows for 4 complimentary passes, compared to one complimentary event pass for Essential members, as well as access to Premier-only events.

Premier also allows membership for the entire family office personnel.

Our free Legacy membership is only for Club b members who were active members prior to  January 2023.  If you are new to Club b after January 2023, or you are a lapsed Club b member, you have the option to register as an Essential member here or enquire about Premier membership here.

Yes, Club b continues to uphold a strict application criteria and process to protect our high quality network, and ensure that our members privacy is maintained, along with a non-solicitation policy at our exclusive events.

If you would like to introduce someone to our Club, we appreciate your direct referrals to potential new members and would like to reward you for your efforts, if they are successful, with 10% off your annual membership for every newly successful Essential tier member you bring into Club b.

All members will have access to register and attend regular Club b events across the globe.  As an Essential member, you’ll also have one complimentary ticket to a regular Club b event of your choosing.  As a Premier member you will have 4 complimentary passes to Club b events and intimate networking receptions. Premier member event passes can be shared amongst family office personnel.

Event passes include the conference and all meals and excursions during the event.  Travel and accommodation is paid separately by members.

If you are a registered Legacy, Essential or Premier member, you will have received login credentials via email, which you can use to login to our members site here.

If you have not yet registered or do not have your login credentials, please contact our concierge team at who can assist you.

We are always on hand to support and assist you.  Please contact our concierge team at who can help.

If you are a Legacy member and would like to upgrade to Essential, you can simply upgrade here.

If you are an Essential member and would like to upgrade your membership to Premier, please enquire about your upgrade with our concierge team at

Our members are a combination of family office principals & executives, enterprise families, and successful entrepreneurs.  Each member is stringently vetted before becoming a member to ensure we retain the high quality of our engaged network.

If you still have an unanswered question or would like to discuss your membership options with us, please email our concierge team at: